The well known statement “time equals money” is very appropriate when it comes to pricing photographic services. A simple hourly fee can be somewhat misleading as inexperienced photographers charging low hourly rates can spend more time on the job thus costing more in the end. In other words a lower hourly rate does not necessarily translate into good value.

I recommend a complimentary consultation for all types of work. During the consultation we will discuss the project you are planning and how I may provide assistance. Once that is determined I will be able to provide you with a fixed quote. Some clients prefer to approach me with a set budget figure along with their expectations and then I advise if I can meet their goals. Whichever option you choose, before I commence work I will provide a guaranteed price for your project.

While I am extremely sensitive to client budgets there are standards of quality that must be maintained to ensure the integrity of the images I create on your behalf. Whether you have hundreds or thousands to work with I will endeavour to produce the best product possible and I am confident that Hewitt Photographic Ltd can provide solutions to your photographic needs.

Please feel free to contact me directly for your consultation.

Bob Hewitt MPA

tel: 250.812.8877